Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Scott is hopping mad at Mt. Lebanon

Last night, our commissioners met in executive session to discuss a possible settlement with Scott Township over Twin Hills. In October, Scott Twp. was able to get a temporary injunction to stop the killing of deer in Twin Hills.

On Scott's agenda for tonight, Twin Hills settlement was listed, but on a revised agenda, Twin Hills was removed. It came up anyway during Citizen Comments. Scott's position is that they are against killing deer by any means in any of their parks, including Twin Hills. They have the injunction and they are not backing down. Good for Scott Township!


Anonymous said...

On the Scott agenda for this evening appears:

"Motion to approve Settlement Agreement between Scott Township and Mt. Lebanon regarding hunting in Twin Hills Park"

Does anyone know what the settlement agreement would have been?

Nick M.

Lena Horne said...

Well, Nick, if Scott is holding firm, and it appears that they are, the settlement could be "Lebo walks away from Twin Hills Park and Scott agrees not to go after Lebo for damages and costs as long as Lebo stays on its own (artificial) turf."