Monday, October 12, 2015

DeNicola: Lebo too difficult for shooting, but perfect for sterilization

The following link is for a council meeting in Fairfax, VA in a discussion for sterilization. Start watching about 1:35.  You'll see that DeNicola talks about Mt. Lebanon around as an example of what happens if you do nothing. Tony then mentions how there is so little area to shoot in, but there are good roads that would be useful for driving around and tranquilizing deer for a spay/neuter effort.

DeNicola's portion of the presentation ends around 2:30.

DeNicola's slide pointing to the only places in Mt Lebanon he says one could safely access deer

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Anonymous said...

I'd be curious about a RTK regarding Tony DeNicola's wildlife pest control work in PA. He is licensed here and should be routinely submitting these records to the Bureau of Wildlife Protection.