Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tree stand adjacent to Twin Hills Park

343 Oak Forest


Lena Horne said...

Interesting, yesterday at 1 PM, the MTPD was called about an "injured deer--needs assistance on 301 Dixon." Don't know if or how the call was cleared. The person reporting was Andrew Girth, at the same address.

My first thought was, Dixon? That's not a deer/vehicle collision. Dixon only has a few houses on each side.

I was surprised that the call apparently wasn't responded to immediately or within the hour that followed. Some of you may remember that if a botched archery deer is found in a non-approved hunting yard, the PGC must show up before that deer may be moved. Lebo is a long ride for the PGC. Maybe that is why the deer are always "gone" by the time police arrive at the scene.

Will we ever be able to pin anything on Slippery Jody? The cops are trying their hardest to run interference for him. So far, they've succeeded.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if the Mt. Lebanon cops and the Game Commission are just as tough on these property owners as they were on the young lady who was fined for trespassing over near Shady Lane. This should be interesting.

Nick M.

Anonymous said...

A cop lives a few doors down from this house. I don't think he is going to hassle the deer kill people.

Lena Horne said...

9:47--A cop lives on the street? How convenient for the killers.

Anonymous said...

do you think the "killers" station their deer transport vehicles in the driveways of the homes where the deer are being killed? there was a large SUV with dark tinted windows parked in the driveway of this house with the trunk facing the home (no license plate visible!).

the morning after the picture was posted, the cops drove through this neighborhood several times. amazing, isn't it?