Saturday, October 31, 2015

Welcome to Leb-Anon

I can't take credit for this. Someone sent me a suggestion that Mt. Lebanon needs a support group based on Al-Anon principles. Judging from yesterday's LeboALERT, our public servants are in denial. They will not admit that Mt. Lebanon is turning into a ghetto.

Last night, there were several reports of gunshots around 10 PM around Main Park. This was sent to me today.

Blood stains on Greenhurst Drive this morning

Maybe the nineteen of them can read this email at their next Leb-Anon meeting.


Anonymous said...

It really makes me laugh--which I am not doing much of since archery began.

Anonymous said...

This is awful!

Last night, someone taped a black piece of paper on my "Not in My Yard" sign. The black piece of paper had the word "Please", and it was taped to cover the word "Not". This also happened to my neighbor's sign. We live on Firwood. Has this happened to anyone else? I am thinking that it was kids playing a joke…on the night before Halloween. But, whoever it was…knows enough about the deer controversy. So, maybe not kids?

Anonymous said...

6 pm. Sorry to hear that. Here is me trick or treating with kids at a house with a Bendel sign: "Hi, I am ____. I know more about John Bendel that most people in Mt Lebanon. If you want to talk about voting for him, please let me know...." 4 minutes later: Yard sign removed.

E. T. Gillen said...

Some girl from Kewanna saw all the signs on the front porch and said why do you have so many NIMY signs? I said that I am the one passing them out. She said, "My dad is soooo mad at you! He is seeing those signs everywhere."

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to head over to Audubon, good chance that a dead deer is lying on the sidewalk on that street. As of 8:45 PM. Waiting for animal control that will probably show up in the AM.