Sunday, October 11, 2015

It has turned into a contest

It doesn't matter how many "Not In My Yard" signs are out there. The commissioners are going to be voting for sharpshooting on Tuesday. It appears that they are getting more emails for sharpshooting than emails against sharpshooting. But how would we know? I am appealing a Right To Know because Mt. Lebanon won't share emails that potentially identify "donors." Mt. Lebanon could say anything and we can't challenge them! 

I am confused. Scott Township didn't go tiptoeing around asking residents what they thought. The Scott Commissioners said that killing deer in their township is not safe. They went to court and got an injunction. Scott Commissioners care about the safety of their residents.

I would suggest writing to the commissioners, but that is ineffective. The deer issue has become a competition. The meeting is Tuesday. The media is going to keep track of how many are for the sharpshooting and how many are against it. It has never been fair. It has never been about public safety. It is all about the loudest complainers. That is who wins.


Jason Margolis said...

Makes me sick. Guess all I can do is get loud.

E. T. Gillen said...

For what it is worth, sent yesterday:

This email is to let you know that I am against sharpshooting in Mt. Lebanon. I am against any lethal method being used in Mt. Lebanon.

I am getting ready to place my fourth order of "Not In My Yard" signs. We were on Washington Road yesterday with yard signs and overwhelmingly, the public was against killing deer. I know that you will dismiss this as anecdotal evidence, but the consensus in Ward 1 is that they are upset with any deer killing and are about to launch a massive, organized write-in campaign against Bendel and McNichol.

I realize that only letters like mine would be released to the public in a Right To Know and that the identity of those who are for killing deer are protected and are never released in a Right To Know. I expect to get another unwelcome visitor as a result of this email, as I have been known to get after emailing the commissioners.

You could say that you received thousands of emails saying that they are in favor of sharpshooting or archery, and we could never challenge that. What a cozy arrangement. You have never fought a fair fight.

Elaine Gillen"

Lena Horne said...

Does anyone know why the Humane Society free sterilization program is not on Tuesday's meeting menu? Are they going to wait until the last minute to post the discussion meeting agenda?

E. T. Gillen said...

It is listed on the commission discussion session agenda.

Lena Horne said...

Thanks, Elaine.

Barbara said...

They really refused to release those e-mails?? Seriously? That's ridiculous -- they can cross out people's names who have said they are for the cull and/or want hunting.

Anonymous said...

I'd really encourage people to attend this meeting and be vocal. I looked at what happened to the Wissahickon park in Philadelphia as an example of what can occur when sharpshooting gets underway. Their battles started in the late 90s. For the first few years there were organized protests and hundreds of deer shot. Then people began to give up and the sharpshooting has remained a yearly event. People don't think its a battle they can win. Their sharpshooting costs are PRIVATELY funded though. I am sharing this information because it would be terrible to see sharpshooting become a part of the yearly budget and park activities in Mt Lebanon. The time to stop it from beginning is now.

On another note, I read an article indicating that DeNicola once shot 44 deer in one night at Vassar College. 44 deer. I consider the prospect of this in Mt Lebanon as a mass shooting of wildlife that is unnecessary, dangerous and cruel.

Lena Horne said...

Why cross out any of the information? As a taxpayer I am entitled to know to whom and where municipal services are being offered for free and on the basis of favoritism. Corruption at its worst.

Anonymous said...

Other towns have had issues with uninvited guests (poachers) bringing their weapons into neighborhoods/parks during/after White Buffalo has conducted a deer cull.

Anonymous said...

Has this youtube video of Tony DeNicola sharpshooting in an Ohio suburb been shared here yet? Two people videotape him stationed on a backyard deck. You hear gun shots and the videographers identify the deer that has been shot. This might be a good video for the webpage, Elaine, so other people can see what Mt Lebanon is getting into with sharpshooting.

Anonymous said...

So, it appears that the only thing on either agenda about the sterilization is directly under DeNicola's presentation of his sharpshooting proposal. The sterilization topic says something like, "Discuss recent correspondence regarding sterilization." I assume they mean the HSUS freebie program but they don't mention HSUS.

Why do I get the feeling that nobody from HSUS will be at the meeting, either by phone or in person?