Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tony's Picks for Killing

I have been looking at the White Buffalo proposal to kill up to 150 deer. The public locations under consideration are:

Taking into account the Federal Gun-Free School Zone Act, I have taken some screen shots of Tony's picks for killing.

Golf Course:
Myrtle Ave through the center of golf course
Myrtle to the wooded area of golf course

Mt. Lebanon Montessori and Academy along wooded area

Sorry Howe School. You're one ft. too far away.

McNeilly Park:

Robb Hollow Park:

 Public Works:

Twin Hills:

Which brings us to the costs...

The first part includes planning, communication, education, and permitting for a total of $13,080. This was approved by our illustrious commissioners at the October 13 meeting.

The second part is based on killing up to 150 deer. The total cost before processing is $52,670. If 150 deer are killed, the cost per deer is $351. If only six deer are killed, the cost is $8,778 per deer. And when the public properties are eliminated because of the Federal Gun-Free School Zones, the cost to kill six deer on PRIVATE property will be $8,778 per deer.

It gets better. Tony is estimating $100 per deer for processing. What he fails to tell us is that if the meat is donated to Hunters Sharing The Harvest, all processing costs are waived.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain the "political subdivision permit" mentioned at the beginning of this post? It says that Tony will help Mt. Lebanon apply to the PGC for the permit.
Why the permit? What does it allow?

E. T. Gillen said...

With the political subdivision permit, it allows the use of firearms in populated suburban areas. It waives safety zones for private properties. Deer can be killed outside the regular deer hunting seasons.

Anonymous said...

I figured that the political subdivision permit was not something good for the deer... or the general public. Oh good. Make it even easier to use guns in densely populated communities.

Anonymous said...

The Goddard School offers a legit full-time kindergarten program, etc. It counts as a real school. The gun-free school zone laws apply.

E. T. Gillen said...

I believe the permit also allows bait, which makes it a cull, and not a hunt.

E. T. Gillen said...

I added a page to my website, Lebo Citizens, which summarizes this post. The page may be shared with non-blog readers, such as commissioners.