Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sharpshooting approved...or was it?

The Trib reported Mt. Lebanon approves sharpshooters for deer. The PG reported something similar in Mt. Lebanon will allow sharpshooting to cull deer, but seemed to be more in line with what I read in emails from those who attended the meeting.
Mt. Lebanon residents show distress Tuesday at a Mt. Lebanon Commissioners meeting over the idea of introducing sharpshooting services to cull the deer population in the area.
From what I have been able to put together, the actual process of sharpshooting has been taken off the table until after January 23rd when the archery numbers come in. There were so many amendments and suggested amendments, it was hard to keep track of what was what.

Kelly Fraasch and Dave Brumfield designed an amendment that made it a two-stage process requiring a vote ... So, they authorized the organization of the program. However, their amendment said that before implementation occurs, another vote must occur in late January. This is so that there is information on the success of the archery; more on the design of the sharpshooting program; and a response to a submitted RFP to HSUS.

Coleen Vuono was livid because she won't get to participate in that vote. That amendment passed 3-2. Bendel voted yes. However, there are many ways that sharpshooting may not occur, including new commissioners or new information.

Bendel also said YES in the next 3-2 vote where Kelly proposed that a comprehensive wildlife management program be developed by the municipal staff, including new, innovative methods. This is to be presented at the next meeting. It must include non-lethal, and education.


Anonymous said...

To be clear, Dave and Kelly proposed the amendment BEFORE the sharpshooting vote , "if that vote should be to approve sharpshooting". Kelly and Dave voted no to sharpshooting Dave was thoughtful and informed. It's as if he actually listened and responded to resident concerns, using language that reflected citizen input and some research and thought on his part. Refreshing. John Bendel revealed with his transparent attempt to feign concern for the residents in opposition while driving this vote and effort to DO SOMETHING ABOUT DEER NOW that he is in Barbara Logan's pocket.

How do we get these fiscally irresponsible, inside the box thinkers off this commission? A voting guide would be super useful here, including legitimate willing write-in candidates, especially in Ward 1.

E. T. Gillen said...

I wanted to share a comment posted under the Trib article, from Lane Ferrante · Cleveland, Ohio:
"Suckers. Mt. Lebanon citizens are being robbed blind. Time to get rid of the corrupt council people who are in some way personally benefiting from bringing White Buffalo in. Buffalo being the key word here. Many towns have sent this guy and his mercenaries packing such as Solon OH where he laughed his way to the bank at the tune of over ONE MILLION dollars. Taxpayers DOLLARS. Mt. Lebanon is now known all over the world as a place that supports savagery, cruelty and violence. This is not a mgmt program. Unless you drop a bomb there will always be deer. This is about follow the money, who stands to profit. It is about corruption and incompletence. Wake up good people of Mt. Lebanon. When the people lead the leaders follow. Anthony DeNicola, pres of the animal extermination company is a clever boy. Non-profit? Haaa. Hilarious. He is making hand over fist money. The residents are being turned into marketing tools. Period. Disgusting that these council people are getting away with such sociopathic behavior and destroying the good reputation of Mt. Lebanon."

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted that Bendel managed to find a way to have his cake and eat it too. The torture continues...unless Ward 1 finds a new commissioner from the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

That's a big problem. If Bender is reelected, in three weeks, it will only help the crazy garden biddies gather more steam. We need to get the two candidates in Coleen's ward to publically state their positions on anti or pro-kill.

E. T. Gillen said...

11:50 AM, I spoke with the Trib reporter this morning and told him what I knew to be the candidates' positions on anti-kill or pro-kill. I cannot pin down Andy Reinhart. Steve McLean is for sharpshooting. I told the reporter that I am prepared to do a write-in campaign for my ward. He said that is in three weeks. I am well aware of that.

I have no expectations of winning, but it will give people in Ward 3 options.

Anonymous said...

This is 11:50. Good for you, Elaine. I am going to give Reinhart a test drive.

Lena Horne said...

AR appears to be riding the fence. Also, I question whether HSUS will still be an option in January.

Zak said...

We all need to begin referring to Bendel by his true name, $pendel. $451 per deer, just for sharpshooting. He sure likes to spend other people's money. Let's make sure voters walking into polling places are aware.

Jason Margolis said...

I just spoke with The Trib reporter as well. I told him that in the absence of a candidates forum (why this year of all years???--suspicious) we don't really know where the candidates stand. McNichol said on his website he supports a, "sensible deer management program." Well that could mean anything. As we already know, what is 'sensible' is not agreed upon.

As it will be too late to have a live forum, I suggested that he pitch to The Trib a written forum where the candidates submit to The Trib position statements on 'the 5 biggest issues facing Mt. Lebanon', and then people can line up the candidates' positions side-by-side so they can make a more informed decision.

He said he would ask.

I started playing the somewhat interesting game of thinking through what those 5 issues would be ... I almost got 4:

Field Enhancements (?)

Thoughts, anyone?

Zak said...

1) Gardens
2) Field "Enhancements"
3) That's it.

When in reality, it should be:
1) Reducing/mitigating property taxation
2) Reducing/mitigating debt/borrowing
3) Infrastructure, not just Virginia Manor
4) Pedestrian initiatives
5) Reining in police powers

Barbara said...

I agree with Jason that this is a bad year not to have a forum. However, I think McLean is pretty straigtforward sharpshooting and bows, if you go on his website. Of the two, I'd definitely think Andy R. would be the better choice if what he says is true -- that he actually wants more info to make a decision. Elaine, if you would do a write in, how does that work? (sorry, ignorant of political process in this respect).

Anonymous said...

Bendel isn't Spendel actually. For example, he hid the fact that he was sitting on 1 million of "unassigned funds" for turf from the sidewalk/traffic calming people on N Meadowcroft. Then he proceeded to not only try to derail them by suggesting they get involved with a "leaf pickup" initiative, but he was silent while they were harassed and told repeatedly that sidewalks were too expensive. The story goes on but in sum, let's say that he only Spends on his Friends (Spendel Friendel?).

I would put corruption mitigation at the top of the list of Mt Lebanon concerns. A goal would include a home rule charter that includes an enforceable ethics code.

Lena Horne said...

Regarding no. 5, Zack, I assume that you are about as comfortable as I am (NOT) with the police guarding the police. (The latter are the cops that are archers in our public parks.)