Friday, October 2, 2015

Oops, there goes $25K

Our commission is out of control. Why did they give $25,000 to the Mt. Lebanon Historic Preservation Board for a preservation guide, and then decide to scrap the whole idea? Mt. Lebanon opts to forgo mandatory homeowner restrictions 

Let me begin by saying the Mt. Lebanon Historic Preservation Board is a farce, This is the group who wanted Rae Avenue to be restored with brick. Mt. Lebanon sewer project should solve neighborhood flooding
The vote was 4-1, with Commissioner John Bendel dissenting.
He said his preference would be to restore one of the streets affected by the project, Rae Avenue, with brick, as it currently is paved. That option, though, would have cost some $343,000 more than restoring Rae with asphalt.
“I believe that there’s value in preserving our brick streets,” Mr. Bendel explained. He acknowledged the additional expense but added, “I think it’s important for us to begin a process to preserve the character of our community as much as we can.”
I went to the Mt. Lebanon Historic Preservation Board in 2014 prior to Wildcat Field destruction, highlighting the fact that putting down artificial turf on a historic field, located in the Historic District, and described in the Historic District application as one of the last green spaces in Mt. Lebanon, is not preserving the character of the field. I was ignored. John Bendel was the commission liaison to both the Mt. Lebanon Historic Preservation Board, as well as the commission liaison to the Mt. Lebanon Sports Advisory Board.

Virginia Manor is in Ward 1, John Bendel's ward. Rae Avenue is in Ward 1, John Bendel's ward. Twin Hills is in Ward 1, John Bendel's ward. John Bendel is considering spending over $80,000 to hunt down the remaining deer in Mt. Lebanon. Does anyone see a pattern here?


Anonymous said...

how many newcomer's paid for that 25k pamphlet?

Anonymous said...

Must be nice to have an additional $25,000 of taxpayer money lying around that we can just throw it away like that. We couldn't use that money for something more useful that benefits all residents like public safety issues?

Nick M.