Monday, October 19, 2015

Lebo violated the Federal Gun-Free School Zone Act UPDATED

Look how close Rockwood Park is to Foster School. Mt. Lebanon had deer killed with guns in 2006-2008. They violated the Gun-Free School Zone Act. Nothing within 1,000 feet of a school. No amount of paint in soothing colors recommended by John, in the paint department of Rolliers would have made it OK. I was living a nightmare for two f-ing years. I called Tom Kelley in Public Works. I called Steve Feller. I called my commissioner. I was in tears, hearing the gunshots outside my window. Those bastards were breaking the law. Susan Morgans came up to me before a commission meeting and said, "How many times are you going to say the same thing over and over about the deer?" Oh, how I wish I knew this back then:

Reporting was changed to quadrants, rather than specific locations

I announced on NextDoor that if Ward 3 voters wanted another option for commission, to write in my name. I also had a link to my YouTube interview of April 27. Julie Daubner flagged it as inappropriate. Greg Daubner flagged an additional comment, as well. That is what is inappropriate here?

There is a wildlife center in Virginia that takes in dozens of fawns every year and then releases them when they are mature enough to go back into the wild.

Then there is Mt. Lebanon. Four NIMY signs were reported stolen over the weekend. Why? The deer are being killed, as they wanted. Deer are going to be killed until the end of January, year after year. Depending on the vote in January, more killing could go on through March.

Trees are being numbered and cleared out of Twin Hills Park. Why?

There are huge broken tree limbs hanging directly over trails. The park is neglected. I have never seen a public park in such hazardous condition anywhere.

The Eagle Scout bridge has graffiti on it.

And only God knows what this is in Twin Hills:

I was driving from Heidelberg today via Swallow Hill >Segar>Lakemont>and past Public Works, praying all the way that I wouldn't see a wounded deer. We shouldn't be living like this.

I am so upset that I sent the following email to the current commissioners, commission candidates, solicitor, and interim manager:

Good riddance to Tom Kelley, Steve Feller, and my former commissioner. I pleaded with them to stop the killing in Rockwood Park. I went through HELL from 2006-2008 when Mt. Lebanon was killing deer next to my house in Rockwood Park. 

Kristen Linfante, as my commissioner, had the audacity to tell me to seek help and advised that I see John in Rolliers' paint department so that he can recommend paint in soothing colors for my basement. 

I had been telling the commission many times over the last ten years how it is unsafe to be killing in Rockwood Park. I also had to put up with Susan Morgans with her snarky question before a commission meeting, "How many more times are you going to say the same thing over and over about the deer?" That was ten years ago. 

Fast forward to 2015. Six candidates on the ballot for commission. Only two are anti-violence. I can't even find an email address for one of the candidates who is pro-kill. You can all sit there in your homes and make these "well thought out" decisions to kill deer, but how many of you have been in a situation where you are lying in bed at night, trying to sleep in a vinyl siding addition with gunshots outside your bedroom window? I had just lost my husband and had no safe place to grieve. Now I find out, what Mt. Lebanon was doing was ILLEGAL! Rockwood Park is almost 716 feet from an elementary school, violating the federal Gun-Free School Zone Act. No guns within 1,000 feet from a school. How dare you! 

I was driving from Heidelberg today via Swallow Hill, Segar, Lakemont, and past Public Works praying that I wouldn't come across a wounded deer. What have you done to Mt. Lebanon?

As I said during Citizen Comments, Killing Anything, Anywhere, by Any Means is a PUBLIC SAFETY ISSUE. Thanks to you, we are afraid to walk our dogs, drive in our cars, and play in parks. How dare you!

Elaine Gillen


Roger D said...

If you want to see a neglected "park", visit Robb Hollow.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Allegheny County's District Attorney's Office needs to know about about all of the Federal and State gun and deer violations.

Anonymous said...

Elaine -- how did you discover this Rockwood Park Gun Free School Zone violation? Did it just hit you out of the blue that this was a violation or what? This is the cruelty that Mt Lebanon inflicts on its taxpaying, law abiding, good citizens. The callous indifference to their welfare is actually not only callous but illegal. Literally, illegal. The sad part is that this tribe of mean people is connecting to bad boy attorneysin every direction so one has to freaking out smart these people big time. It is horrific, Elaine. However, I am grateful to find that you no longer have to brace yourself for deer being killed next to your home.

E. T. Gillen said...

10:18 PM, the dead tree next to my house turned out to be a blessing in disguise. When I was working with the solicitor about the easement that was being drawn up, I was concerned about Mt. Lebanon hunting on the "paper street." I was told it was moot since Rockwood Park is within 1,000 feet of Foster School. I am grateful as well. I went through HELL! I am so angry with Kristen Linfante for mocking me and telling ME that I needed to get help. I am angry that Dave Brumfield asked me to calm down when I was describing how "a young man riding a bike through Rockwood Park, wearing a black hoodie, was at risk of being shot. He didn't even know that they were there!!!!!" Kristen said, "That is your opinion." The rage inside of me right now is fierce.

I sent an email to the commissioners and copied Steve McLean, Andy Reinhart, and Bill Hoon. I would have included Dan McNickle, but he doesn't provide any contact information on his website. I included the map and expressed my anger toward the two years of hell that I experienced, and how people are afraid to walk their dogs, drive their cars, and enjoy the parks.

I think about Seton LSalle, KO and McNeilly Park. I think about the golf course and Myrtle Ave. School. I think about Hoover and Robb Hollow. We need to GPS all the locations and be vigilant! This is bullshit! And Wards 1 and 3 have all pro-kill candidates. We are screwed.


Anonymous said...

St Ann's school has to be as close as if not closer than Foster is to Rockwood Park. 2 possible violations.

Anonymous said...

It takes an arrogant crew to scoff at federal laws.

E. T. Gillen said...

An arrogant crew to scoff at all levels of government, starting with Scott Township. We do what we want, when we want.