Wednesday, October 28, 2015

We've been lied to repeatedly UPDATED

What is it about Ward 3 commissioners? The last three Ward 3 commissioners have lied to their constituents.

Clueless Joe lied about his plans to move. During the May 2011 Primary, when I ran against him, Joe told the Mt. Lebanon Republican Committee that he had no plans to move out of Mt. Lebanon. This was while he had a For Sale sign in his yard and had told the media that he was moving out of Mt. Lebanon.

Kristen Linfante - well...uh...did she ever tell the truth?

Coleen Vuono is no exception.

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I see that your moving sale ad was created on October 21, 2015 and that your moving sale was held the day before your rude response. 

Your Statement of Financial Interest did not indicate that you had a staging business. I believe you told a resident that you retired in 2011. Why would this ad have been in the March 2014 mtl Magazine?
Vuono mtl ad.jpg
You have been lying from Day 1. 

Elaine Gillen

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Ms. Gillen,
Prior to the last Commissioner's meeting no one knew the outcome of the vote on sharpshooting, including me.
Rest assured that I am fully aware of the requirements of residency in the third ward in order to represent that ward. The interim manager and the members of the commission have been informed of my intent to sell my home. This situation is being addressed appropriately by the appropriate parties.
Your input is unnecessary and is intrusive. .
Coleen Vuono

On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 3:55 PM, <> wrote:
That all depends on you folks. It sounds like you are breaking Sunshine, Coleen. You already know the outcome of the vote. The similarities between you and your predecessor are amazing.
After tonight's vote I would hope that you would find a better way to spend your time than in creating controversy in this community.
Coleen Vuono 
The sale of your house has everything to do with Ward 3, and ultimately, all of Mt. Lebanon.

Elaine Gillen

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Senior citizens in Mt. Lebanon know that they can place a phone call to their commissioners to voice their opinion on issues if they do not have access to the internet. I have received calls from Mt. Lebanon residents.
I base my decisions as a commissioner on what I consider to be in the best interests of the community after being informed by residents on both sides of issues. The deer issue is one of public safety.
I am in favor of a deer management program that includes sharpshooting, but that has not been the only issue I've been involved in.  Since I've been on the commission I've voted on many agenda items, I've proposed items for discussion that I think are important to Mt. Lebanon and I've been involved in other issues in the third ward.
In addition to my "life" I served for 4 years as a commissioner and recently served on the Planning Board and volunteered to complete the term of the previous third ward commissioner.
I support this community and have shown this in my civic engagement.
My personal life-the sale of my home-has nothing to do with you (even though you toured it during an open house-were you planning on moving?)
After tonight's vote I would hope that you would find a better way to spend your time than in creating controversy in this community.
Coleen Vuono 

On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 9:43 AM, '' via Commission <> wrote:

My phone has been ringing off the hook with senior citizens who do not have access to the Internet. They are unable to email you and tell you how they are on blood pressure medication and how upset they are with your current unmanaged program. They cannot fathom "sharpshooting" will follow through March 2016. 

Knowing how the commission operates, you will base your decision tonight on the volume of emails. You will use any means which justify your personal agendas. I am in the process of ordering more yard signs (fourth shipment), but "Not In My Yard" signs don't seem to carry the weight of emails, I'm learning. 

It is clear that my commissioner is the driving force behind the sharpshooting vote tonight. I tried to tell some of you how her intentions to serve on the commission were only to kill deer. After all, she "has a life," as she said during her interview in April. I imagine that the "Sale Pending" sign on her house will change to "Sold" after tonight's vote.

The Scott Township commissioners govern in the interest of public safety, and not make every divisive issue a competition, with the loudest group winning.

If you are keeping track, I am opposed to sharpshooting, bow hunting, corral and kill, or any other lethal means that come across your computer. I speak for the hundreds of people who have "Not In My Yard" signs in their yards.

Elaine Gillen

Update October 28, 2015 10:45 AM 

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