Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Who knew there was a second page? UPDATED

While reading the Mt. Lebanon FAQ page, culling the deer | what you need to know, I discovered a second page. When was this added? It is particularly interesting to me since I am appealing a Right To Know on this very issue, in Harrisburg.

Gillen v. Municipality of Mt. Lebanon, Docket No.: AP 2015-1938

Here is the scoop. I filed a Right To Know on July 30, 2015:
All communication to and/or from municipal staff and, all communication to and/or from the commission concerning Anthony DeNicola's archery program from June 18, 2015 to the present.
I got Steve Feller's usual 30 day extension for a "legal review" on the fifth day.

After the 30 day extension, I received this from Mr. Feller:

Feller's Right To Know decision

I didn't like what Mr. Feller had to say, so I filed an appeal with the Office of Open Records in Harrisburg. Filling out the paperwork and sending the required copies to Steve Feller, we heard from the OOR immediately. Here is Mt. Lebanon's Legal Argument. The OOR emailed me upon receipt of MTL's legal argument, asking for clarification. The link to my response is here.

Harrisburg accepted the appeal and will make a Final Determination on or before November 17, 2015.

Which brings us up to today. This Saturday is "Second Saturday," a new event which occurs during the Farmers' Market. The hours are 9 AM to noon. David Manchester will be playing music by WesBanco.  All of the farmer vendors will be in full force. Eden's Market, a family owned business located across the street from the fountain at 99 Alfred Street, has given us permission to distribute  "Not In My Yard" signs in front of their store. Since the Commission meeting is this Tuesday, where the commissioners will be voting on "sharpshooting," I am looking for volunteers to set up a table to distribute "Not In My Yard" signs and answer passerby's questions. Please email me at I am unable to do it since I will be working. I would greatly appreciate the help.


Barbara said...

I told Elaine I could staff it from 10:30 to noon. If possible, I would appreciate if someone else were there, too, in case there are any problems or if there is a question I can't answer for someone.

Anonymous said...

I am not a resident so hope I am not overstepping any boundaries.

You may not agree but for residents who don't access the sites, it might be helpful to have a simple, typewritten sheet printed off to distribute as well, with just simple bullet points about the dangers of hunting in the community, dispelling lyme disease, not knowing number of deer, etc., similar to what the pro kill folks distributed (or so I thought).

I would be happy to help with the cost of copies.

E. T. Gillen said...

Thank you, 1:25 PM. I still have your contact information and appreciate your offer. It is a good idea.

Kimberly Schevtchuk said...


Info and sign distribution at the farmers market on Saturday is a great idea. Unfortunately, I can not help out this Saturday. I will be attending my mother's memorial service.

I really hope that others can step up and help on Saturday. These public events are an effective way to reach more residents. It also would build on the momentum of the growing number of Not in My Yard signs appearing in the community. The growth in sign posting has been awesome. The increasing number adds to our credibility when we individually make public comments to the Commission about the public safety concerns of bow-hunting in our densely populated community.

I produced a two page (one page front & back) hand out for the Parks Advisory Board on Tuesday. It highlights many of the major safety concerns and also documents the many ways that the Commission intentionally kept residents and the Parks Advisory Board in the dark about any program specifics before the Commission's final implementation vote. Though it was written for the Parks Advisory Board it could be used for Saturday distribution, if need be. I will e-nail you a copy. Feel free to post it on the blog and use it for Saturday, if it helps.

I do encourage some form of handout, if possible. The handouts really do educate, because most residents don't know a lot about bow-hunting and even less about Mt. Lebo's bow-hunting program. We are constantly having to counter the municipality marketing to sell the bow-hunting program.

Hoping Saturday farmer's market outreach can be pulled off.

Kimberly Schevtchuk