Friday, October 23, 2015

I want a refund!

I am turning into a real nerd. I watched PCN last night and saw most of the PA Open Records Office forum on the PA Right to Know Law and the Sunshine Act. I found out that my buddy, former manager Steve Feller was pulling another fast one on me. Besides the crap about the dead tree next to my house which was on municipal property, besides the illegal killing of deer in Rockwood Park, Feller was charging me outrageous fees for Right To Know records.

PA Open Records Office Annual Training See 01:01:00 time stamp on Part 1

 Agency is only required to provide the record in the current medium

I always requested pdfs to be emailed to me (electronic records) to avoid charges. Mt. Lebanon records were in that medium.

That worked for a while. That is until Feller figured out how to get around:

Cannot charge for electronic records

Feller started printing out emails to redact information, re-scan, and email to me. He would charge me 25¢ per copy of just the redactions. I could never figure out why Feller couldn't just redact the information electronically. Now I understand. He was just giving me a hard time. He was violating another point:

Cannot charge for redaction 

The last RTK that I had filed, and is being appealed in Harrisburg, Feller charged me over $30 for everything - both redacted and non-redacted information at 25¢ a copy. I guess I am fortunate that Feller even responded. I understand that there were three RTK requests filed by an individual earlier in the month and was completely ignored.

I want a refund!


Anonymous said...

Is the jack@$$ officially gone? Commission lost a major opportunity to start anew by blaming their idiocy on Feller while they could.

Hopefully there is recourse to get refund.

Anonymous said...

Does he still have his Washington Road condo? Pay him a visit and ask him to personally cut you a check!